Candidate Centric Model

Candidate Centric Model

Considering the needs of the medical professional, MedFuture understands the entailing value of the profession in the medical industry in Australia and the lasting effects of careers taken in the right direction. With the delicacy of such decision and with an aim of working in harmony to provide the most lucrative deals with maximum billings for our candidates, we offer a dynamic range of services that provides broad alternatives for the medical professionals to choose from. In the huge industry of medical and healthcare services, we ensure that the clients have the right job placement they are looking for. To offer the best services, we have categorized our candidate model into five parts: Permanent Positions

For the doctors at various stages looking to work on a fixed term basis – be it full-time or part-time, we are experts for permanent recruitments and we have rewarding offers from our clients. No matter the location, lifestyle, or the next career move you are making, we at MedFuture have a strong clientele base – from new private clinics to established medical centres with high prospects and growing patient base across Australia. By working with us, you would not have to worry about the little constituents in between. Our consultants will make sure that all the processes in between the agreements are taken care off in the most professional and ethical manner so that doctors don’t have to waste time worrying about finalizing the deals. We provide this service to our clients for just one-off fee.

Hospital Positions

At MedFuture, we understand that handling different positions at hospitals is a fundamental part of the medical setup. Our recruitment professionals work with public health services to fill diversified positions – RMOs (Resident Medical Officers), JHOs (Junior House Officers), SHOs (Senior House Officers), PHOs (Principal House Officers), Registrars, Senior Registrars, Specialists, General Practitioners, career hospital doctors, and other medical professionals. Placement for these medical professionals are handled by our team of recruiters and our connections with multiple public health services.

Locum Positions

This is one of the most in demand positions that clients throughout Australia seek to meet across various levels of specialities and seniorities. Be it a contract for a day or be it a contract for 6 months, we have access to highly sought locum positions with flexible working hours. Medical practitioners trying to maximize their earning potentials can be placed for this positions that can last for one day to six months maximum. If you are looking to visit new locations and wanting to get paid at the same time along the way, these might be the position that you have been for. It is also suitable for those wanting to study or going on a holiday or have retired while wanting to work concurrently. For clients, we tailor the short term locum positions with sourced and qualified doctors to meet your demands locally, and we make sure that we adhere to the requirements and exceed to the desired standard from our end.

Nursing, Allied Health, Practice Managers, Receptions

Any medical centre would be incomplete without staff supporting their doctors throughout their working hours. We provide recruitment services for nursing staff, allied health staff, practice managers and reception so that the medical centre has the best working culture and set of teams that can provide quality service to the community.

After Hours Home Visiting Medical Practitioner Position

With an ageing population in Australia, the demand of home-based medical service has been mounting and clients are always on the search for doctors and nursing staff who can provide their services at after hours, which generally would comprise between 6pm to 8am, and the hours in the weekends. We are also diligent at filling these positions in need.

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Successfully in business with Fresh & experienced team, MedFuture has dedicated its core operations to providing effective Recruitment Solutions to both eligible candidates and centres in the healthcare industry in all of Australia.

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