Terms of Use

Section 1: Definitions

Company: The Company or Company hereby refers to MedFuture Medical Recruitment trading as MedFuture Pty Ltd, or MedFuture Medical Recruitment trading as MedFuture.

Candidate: The candidate or candidate here by refers to medical professional in the process of registration seeking for permanent or locum work in the field of health and medical industry, or the medical professional that has approached MedFuture by looking at MedFuture vacancy advertisements or has been introduced to the client to work for locum or permanent position.

Client: The client or client hereby refers to the individual, firm or corporate body at whose request or on whose behalf work is taken by the company; the addressee of the candidate application.

Employee: Any member in association as part of full-time, part-time or casual work in the Company.

Section 2: Confidentiality and Privacy

Personal Information

National Privacy Act’s privacy principles bind the company for personal information. Person al information here refers to “information or opinion about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained from that information or opinion”.

Personal Information Collection

Some parts of personal information are retained and collected by the company of Candidate’s fil e when the candidate registers with the company. This information includes, but is not limited to, personal contact details, referee contact details, health details, medical records, criminal record details about the candidate and their families that may assist the company to find appropriate positions for the candidate, visa, medical registration and other information. This information can be collected online, by email, post or telephone.

Personal Information Disclosure and Use

The Company can use the personal information provided to the company for the primary purpose for which it has been provided, which can be submitting the information to the clients and for other secondary purposes the company might require continuing with the primary purpose.

Signing these terms and conditions means that you provide the consent to the Company to allow Company to provide personal information, documentation, C.V. to any medical practice or facility, hospital or health service for the primary purpose of fixing employment, and to allow the Company to advise you of employment opportunities or other information relevant to your application.

Personal Information Management and Sharing

The personal information provided to the Company by candidates will only be viewed by Employees of the Company and third parties to serve the primary purpose of securing employment and any other secondary purpose that is related to the primary purpose, unless the personal information is to be supplied to others that’s governed by law or by court order or any legal authority to investigate fraud or unlawful activity.

Access to Personal Information

As per the National Privacy Act, the Candidate has the right to request for accessing any personal information that the Company holds about the Candidate. The candidate has the right to request for amendment if there are cases of wrong information. In case the release of information has any unreasonable impact on the privacy of others, the company can deny the access to the personal information. Otherwise, there may be a cost for the company to provide this information.

Section 3: Candidate Verification

Candidate Disclosures

Candidate Disclosure Form has been provided along with the Terms and Conditions. Candidates are thus required to fill the form to disclose the company with information relevant to Fitness or Registration. This information is to be filled in the candidate disclosure form:

  1. Professional Competence
  2. Mental and Physical Condition
  3. Conduct / Character

Based on the information provided, the company will be conducting risk assessment and proceed on case by case basis.


The company is required to make a full web-based search on candidates for relevant medical board registration and disciplinary findings. In case the company is made aware of any registration conditions, disciplinary actions, relevant criminal findings, then the Company will conduct another individual risk assessment based on the new information and proceed further case -by-case basis.

Background and Reference Checking

The company must check all the candidate references for quality assurance. A valid reference check is necessary before proposing the candidate to the client for recruitment purposes.

The candidate needs to provide a minimum of 3 clinical references and clinical referee contact details in the process of registration. The referee check and background check are valid for 6 months from the date the reference was obtained.

Section 4: Customer Service

The company is required to provide best possible services at all times. In case you need to suggest, raise a query, make comments or complain regarding our service, then you can contact us directly. When possible, we will be responding to the queries, complaints, suggestions within 24 hours of receipt.


The employee of the company will be trained to meet the customer service standard and will exhibit professional skills to meet the demands of candidates and clients.


The employees will return enquiries and requests from candidates and clients within the proposed time frame.


The company will review its process annually, and when deemed necessary, to meet the standards of RCSA and AMRANZ code of professional service and will be consistently applied to all the service.

Section 5: Agreement to Terms and Conditions

Signing the Candidate Terms and Conditions, you thereby agree that all the details and information that you have provided is true and correct and in case any of the information changes or any of the information is deemed to be no longer correct, you will notify the company within 24 hours. Also, you agree to notify the company within 24 hours if there are any charges or convictions made against you related to an y criminal offence as part of undertaking the recruitment process with the company.

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