Client Centric Model

Client Centric Models

Our experienced team at MedFuture understands the value of demands that each medical practice in the industry might have in their own specific needs to be tailored to. Our dedicated services spread to various spectrums to develop alternative solutions to tap into the required needs of our clients. Considering the necessity and values of these requirements, we have three spectrums in our client engagement model:

Ad Hoc services

Clients can work with us on ad hoc basis to fulfil their recruitment needs on a one-time basis, meaning that we can fill the positions whenever you require them to be filled. We make sure that the vacancies at our clients’ medical centres are occupied by selected doctors who are the right match, even if it means searching for the right candidate immediately or as soon as possible. Our team of experts search and select the right candidate for the position to provide the most suitable solutions to our clients in Australia. While providing this service, we do not consider ourselves as an outsider, but rather as an integral part of our clients’ recruitment department so that we understand the needs internally and in turn, can support and deliver when needed.

Exclusive Services

We also provide exclusive recruitment service to medical centres and practices as an individual provider or contracted provider, whereby the clinics work with us to recruit medical professionals whenever needed. When clients work with only us as their recruitment partner, we offer them a considerable discount, along with other solutions that may be applicable, such as online marketing campaigns, personalized selection approach, profile analysis and invoicing, and other client management facilities.

Comprehensive 360-Degree Services

For comprehensive 360-degree services, we provide our clients all the necessary recruitment service needed to operate their medical practices, clinics and medical centres in a streamlined manner. The service includes finding the right position for doctors, General Practitioners, Consultants, Specialists, Registrars, Allied Health Services, Nursing and Support staff, other medical professionals and non-professionals, both for full-time or part-time, or even for locum positions. The service goes beyond to managing any second-tier providers. We have our own key performance indicators that measure our performance as well as the performance of the recruited professionals so that we can exceed the standard agreed upon with our clients. Along with these services, our model extends to provide further benefits such as providing our state-of-the-art technology for efficient communication and account management. These include:
  • A complete, open agreement to work on partnership for a contractual period that ensures dedicated and prioritized service for all medical recruitments
  • Perpetual review of the current comprehensive 360-degree service
  • Standards and benchmarks set forth in agreement with the clients that matches with their performance indicators
  • Flexibility to measure and alter plans to keep up with the aforementioned benchmarks and indicators
  • A complete profiling and analysis of medical professional shared to provide the precise professional needed for recruitment who fits the organization.
  • Access to our database that has thousands of doctors listed to implement the right recruitment plan for further hires for no added charge.

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Successfully in business with Fresh & experienced team, MedFuture has dedicated its core operations to providing effective Recruitment Solutions to both eligible candidates and centres in the healthcare industry in all of Australia.

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