The medical and healthcare industry in Australia is taking its pace upwards and seems to be going onwards. The industry is making waves by employing more than 1.5 million professionals in the industry and becoming the largest industry in the country since 2011. The demand for medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, childcare workers, and aged care providers is thus increasing along the way. Even with such grandiosity of the industry, there are gaps in the recruitment services, and many medical professionals in Australia still are in the hunt for the right jobs with right career prospects.

MedFuture in the industry

For the past four years, MedFuture has been playing its part to contribute to the industry with its medical recruitment services in the overall Australian market and it continues to do so for the upcoming years. As the demand of the industry is continuously growing, there are higher expectations for the delivery of quality services in the medical industry in Australia, and a part of the process to ensure the delivery lies in vigorous credentialing and selection process for different professional roles in the medical industry.

In order to keep up with the industry demands, MedFuture serves to provide the best healthcare deliveries at grand medical centres, rural facilities, and especially at public and private hospitals all across Australia through our office-base in Melbourne. Even in such competition and growth, MedFuture works closely with an array of healthcare centres within all the borders of Australia.

Our services at MedFuture is not only limited to the hospitals, we also provide individual career advice to our medical practitioners with their expected roles and salary (plus benefits) packages. Our team of young, dedicated experts who are constantly thriving to improve our services at MedFuture ensures that there is a perfect match for the candidates seeking full-time/part-time with the clients with their specific needs.

In the current industry, there is a high demand for locum placements, especially in the rural areas and they tend to last for one month to three or six months at most. Locum roles tend to make $2000 to $2500 on a daily basis, and hospitals also favour doctors to fill these positions in need. MedFuture also works with clients and candidates to meet the gap in the locum positions.

We understand that clients might have to spend an enormous time to select the right candidate for their recruitment needs, and the candidates might have to stress on finding tailor-made medical positions based on personal criteria for them. We at MedFuture pride ourselves for our ability to:

  1. Constantly improve our service to assign the right candidate to the right client to ensure lasting relationships and quality placements
  2. Provide recruitment opportunities for widest range of medical positions all across Australia
  3. Support our platform of over 1000 doctors
  4. Personalize assistance and organization for making the right career move for medical practitioners in Australia
  5. Present a history of placements for full-time/part-time/locum positions

Our services:

  • Seamless medical recruitment service from range of communication platforms – telephone, email, face-to-face, website and social media platforms
  • Personalized documentation and career service for candidates seeking part-time/full-time/locum positions within Australia
  • Career consultation and counselling for individual doctors at free of cost
  • Widest range of job choices for medical practitioners based on location and preferences
  • Sourcing range of jobs with a detailed synopsis of all required roles and responsibilities
  • Client shot-listing and assessment to find the right fit
  • Industry, market and job updates to clients and candidates to keep up with the industry demand.

About Us

Successfully in business with Fresh & experienced team, MedFuture has dedicated its core operations to providing effective Recruitment Solutions to both eligible candidates and centres in the healthcare industry in all of Australia.

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