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Human health is maintained by health professionals who apply the principles and processes of evidence-based medicine and compassion. Human illness, injury, and other physical and mental disabilities are studied, diagnosed, treated, and prevented by health professionals in accordance with the needs of the people they serve. They provide advice on or implement preventive and therapeutic actions, as well as promote health, with the ultimate goal of meeting individuals' and populations' health needs and expectations, and improving population health outcomes. They also do research to increase evidence-based health care by improving or developing concepts, theories, and operational procedures.

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General Practitioner – 70% of mixed billings – MMM6 – DPA location - Gnowangerup

This medical practice is conveniently located in Gnowangerup, Australia. The team consists of qualified doctors providing quality health services to all locals and surrou...

General Practitioner – 70% of mixed billings – MMM5 – DPA location - Lake Grace

This medical practice is conveniently located in Lake Grace, Australia. The team consists of qualified doctors providing quality health services to all locals and surroun...

General Practitioner – 70% of mixed billings – MMM5 – DPA location - Kojonup

This medical practice is conveniently located in Kojonup, Australia. The team consists of qualified doctors providing quality health services to all locals and surroundin...


State Wise Jobs

Western Australia

Medical jobs found in Western Australia encompass a wide range of specialties and positions, including doctors, nurses, surgeons, allied health professionals, and healthcare administrators. These roles contribute to the delivery of quality healthcare services in the region.

Northern Territory

Medical jobs in the Northern Territory offer diverse opportunities, including roles for doctors, nurses, midwives, allied health professionals, and specialists. Serving remote and indigenous communities, these healthcare positions play a crucial role in promoting well-being across the region.


In Queensland, with its vibrant healthcare sector, individuals can find their perfect job that aligns with their expertise and career goals in this beautiful Australian state.

South Australia

Whether it's working in metropolitan areas or regional centers, individuals can find their perfect job in this dynamic and supportive healthcare environment in South Australia.

New South Wales

From bustling metropolitan areas to regional centers, healthcare professionals can find their perfect job in this dynamic state, catering to their specialties and career aspirations.


Whether in hospitals, clinics, or research institutions, healthcare professionals can discover their ideal position, aligning with their expertise and career objectives in this vibrant state.


With a focus on work-life balance and a supportive healthcare community, professionals can find their perfect job in specialties ranging from primary care to specialized fields, contributing to the island's unique healthcare landscape.

Australian Capital Territory

Whether in public hospitals, research institutions, or community healthcare centres, healthcare professionals can find their perfect job and contribute to the ACT's thriving medical community.


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Medfuture have been amazing and have secured the practice with a couple of Doctors. Jacki has been our main contact and has been very professional and helpful. She is passionate about helping rural practices.

Drayton Street Family Practice

It was a great experience throughout the process for my position Iocum working for currently. Every step explains in relation to employee perspective .Cheny was very positive and helpful, no negatives at all for the service. Thank you..!

Shantha Batuwangala Kariyakaranage

I believe I have met the right person, Cheny. It was very quick in just 3 days I got a position & he managed to organize an interview for me. He offered me 2 choices and I chose one of them. Makes me very happy & glad with my choice having myself contacted with Medfuture. Cheny was really helpful during the application process including obtaining Medicare provider number. No negative dealing with Medfuture.

Nyo Win

My experience with MedFuture had been overwhelmingly positive over the course of the last four months. I found Recruitment consultant is very kind and has a good understanding of my needs and requirements as an applicant. He had always been prompt in responding to my queries, even after hours. He always tries to help and provides detailed information. Most important of all, I found Medfuture proactive...

Danmin Zhu

Medfuture recruitment listens to you and offers a position which suits you best. Cheny is reliable and respects the confidentiality which is very important for me. I am very impressed with his professional work and definitely recommend him to my colleagues.

Farah Deeba

"I had a very positive experience. The consultant who I dealt with was exceptionally person entered and provided fantastic service. She patiently and carefully listened to my requirements, provided prompt response and actions to all my requests and correspondences. I am pleased to find them and using their service."

Ambreen Nisar Ahmad

I remain very thankful to Medfuture and specially for making my transition from hospital work to general practice a hassle free and extremely smooth experience. Medfuture was very thorough and up to date with the latest GP recruitment rules, were very professional and always available to respond to my queries. I will certainly recommend Medfuture to any GP who would want to explore further opportunities.

Mudassar Adeel

"This was first time I needed an agency to find placement for me. It had been good experience so far. Especially the consultant has been very efficient in communicating and she has replied phone calls straight away"

Samia Zahra

I wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed I was with Medfuture. Medfuture & The Recruitment consultant was responsive to my needs at the time I was ready to make the move to work in a new clinic. It was good to have worked with an agency like yours that provided just the service I looked for.

Debby Deng

I have been thoroughly impressed with NSW Recruitment Consultant and Medfuture. Thank you for your concern during the bushfires it was very much appreciated.

Clare Berto

Medfuture Medical Recruitment were great to work with and very helpful with answering any queries we had. The communication with Medfuture Medical was spot on. Always received a quick response to questions and we were kept up to date with the progress of our Dr’s recruitment.

Tina Fincham

" Medfuture took into consideration, every single need of mine while searching for my suitable job. Very transparent. Highly recommened"

Lavanya Thalapathy

Medfuture and Their Recruitment Consultant had been very supportive , professional with good communication with all the parties whether its locum or permanent placement , the bests thing I like that you are accommodative and have good follow up skills

Mahvish Faisal

I’m a doctor looking for GP position close to home. Medfuture Team actually working very hard to give me a best option for GP position. In the middle of applying for the position, actually we had another problem since the practice under new management. I was actually worried a lot (not getting practice close to home) but Medfuture GP Team actually saved me since they have extensive network so successfully put me in the same clinic. I’m very happy with Medfuture extensive network and Medfuture professionalism.

Yulia Bazay

Working with Sree from Medfuture has been a streamlined and pleasant process. Promptness by Sree is a virtue that made the recruitment of our latest GP a smooth and well supported journey.

Tony Lee

I would like to thank you and Rudra for helping me find this great job opportunity! It was a pleasant experience throughout and I am very happy with how things were very closely followed up by Medfuture right from the beginning till I signed my contract. I felt very comfortable communicating with your team. I wish you and your team all the very best. Keep up the good work!

Ashish Gupta

"Medfuture takes time to understand our need as a medical center and successfully place great practitioner that match our value and ethos"

Kim Phan


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